Tuition & Accommodation




Ten-Day Program $60 $1,050 $300 $305
Five-Week Program $60 $2,250 $500 $1,000
Six-Week Singers $65 $2,500 $500 $1,160
Six-Week Pianists $65 $1,050 $300 $1,210
Intern Conductors & Directors $45 $950 $250 $1,160

All amounts are in Canadian Dollars. Valid for 2017 only.
Accommodation prices are subject to change.

Scholarships and Bursaries

NUOVA scholarships and bursaries are based upon the audition and letters of application for financial support, which must be included with the application package. Successful applicants will be informed of a tuition reduction with an offer of program, usually in December.

Scholarships are awarded to those with an exceptional audition. Bursaries are awarded based on financial need. The Nico Castel Scholarship is awarded to one participant who demonstrates outstanding musical artistry and excellent diction during the audition.

Deadline to apply: October 30, 2016.

The Bursary / Scholarship application form can be found here.

Payment Plans

Once an offer has been made a deposit is required to secure the placement. The remaining tuition is divided into monthly payments and is payable by post-dated cheques starting in January. The details of each payment schedule are outlined in the participant’s contract. Tuition must be paid in full before the program begins.

Example tuition payment schedule:




Ten-Day Program



3 x $250

Five-Week Program



4 x $436.50

Six-Week Singers



4 x $500

Six-Week Pianists



3 x $250

Intern Conductors & Directors



2 x $350


Opera NUOVA arranges on and off campus accommodation for all participants enrolled in the Intensive Opera Programs. Participants can choose to stay in Residence, or can be placed with a billet host family located elsewhere the city.


The King’s University Apartments are furnished group accommodation adjacent to the campus building. There are six private single rooms in each apartment with a shared kitchen and living room. Each room includes bed linens and towels. The kitchen is supplied with basic utensils. There are two bathrooms in each apartment. The Apartments include access to paid laundry facilities and free parking. Opera NUOVA will assign rooms based on gender and consider roommates requests.

Residence is requested and paid separately from tuition.


There is no charge to stay with a host family. All host families supply a private, furnished room, shared or private bathroom and access to shared kitchen and living facilities. Linens are supplied. Some host families can host more than one participant. Roommate requests will be considered. As our hosts are located all over Edmonton, participants staying with host families should have their own means of transportation. Billeting is not available to participants in the Ten-Day program.

Students may also opt to make their own accommodation arrangements and stay with friends or family living in the Edmonton area.